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Being indoors is always fun at Jupiter Camps!

With our fun and exciting indoor activities, guests can enjoy, relax or do both at the same time!

Daytime Activities

There is so much to do at Jupiter Camps! Guests will enjoy our wide selection of indoor and outdoor activities which you can enjoy without even leaving the camping grounds! Guests can enjoy a different activity every day and never get tired of the fun and frolic they can have at Jupiter Camps.

Nighttime Activities

Relax by the campfire and listen to the sweet strummings of our in-house musician as you unwind after a hectic day full of adventure and fun. There is no better place to listen to stories than by a fireside, come, hear the crackle of the wood burning and the warm glow of the flames gently dancing in the night-air.

Off-camp Activities

Jupiter Camps are ideally located near the adventure-sports activity area where a number of activities such as white-water rafting, motorboating, paragliding are done.

Sightseeing Places


List of Off-Camp Activities

  • Guided Treks

  • Paragliding

  • Rafting

  • Motorboating

  • Village Walk

  • Guided Forest Walks

Let the Adventure Begin!



Shali Guided Trek

Shali being the highest peak of Shimla district offers the trekking route which goes through lush green forests and breathtaking views. This is a single-day trek but overnight camping in the forest can be done.

Badman Guided Trek

This half-day trek can be asended or descended and goes through some of the densest forests in the area, the trekkers can arrive directly at the campsite if they descend down this trek.

Chaba-Reservoir Guided Trek

It's a one-day trek through a village that culminates at Chaba reservoir - a small Hydro electric plant of british design is still operational.

Naughty-Khud Guided Trek

This day-long trek start with a descent to the stream bed, then goes along the Naughty stream and ends near a bridge. Enjoy the sound of the gushing water and guest can even enjoy a dip in the fresh water.